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A water project has been proposed by the District 9211 Rotary Club of Karagwe in Tanzania as follows:



2. Project Overview:

Provision of Intake water tank, pump house, raising main, storage tank and distribution and domestic point to protect water sources and provide clean water for Katembe, Rushe and Kituntu sub village

3. Community Impact:

The water distribution system will serve the population of over 20,000 people at Kituntu Primary School, ELCT church, Katembe Primary School, traders and villagers in Rushe and Katembe sub-villages. The water piping system will cover a distance of 2,500 meters with various distribution points (DPs) along the distribution line.

Currently the villagers and students are walking about 2 to 5 KMs to fetch water at the sources which has two major effects:

–          The water sources are being polluted by the large population that converges at the source to obtain drinking water while also washing clothes at those same sources thereby polluting the water with soap and other dirties.

–          Students from Secondary and primary schools are using their valuable time for looking for water instead of studying at schools and at their homes after school hours.

4. Implementing Partners:

Host Partners – Rotary Club of Karagwe, PAG Jovin Bifabusha PHF, P. O. Box 313, Karagwe,Tel 0765 010235


International Partners                   –              USA Clubs: West Bay Rotary Club, Naples North Rotary Club and Others.

Co-operating organization           –              Tumaini Fund USA (

5. Project Budget:

The tentative project budget is attached. Total budget is Tshs 76 million ($45,600.00 US Funds)

6. Project timeline:

The project will take one year from when the project will be approved by TRF.

B. Project Status: 5-18-14

We are still waiting on the Karagwe Rotary Club certification by RI to continue the grant process.  The grant application has been started by the West Bay Rotary Club in Camden, ME but information is still needed to complete the application.

West Bay Rotary Club and the Naples North Rotary Club have each committed $2,000.00 to this project with other Naples, FL and Maine Clubs eager to join in. We are preparing a new power point presentation for Rotary Clubs which will be completed by month end. That will enable us to reach out to additional Clubs throughout various states to join in on the grant. Funds raised at the local Club and District level can be matched by Rotary International.

C. Summary

There is tremendous interest on the part of many Rotary Clubs in this Karagwe, Tanzania project, since there is a real emphasis from Rotary International for each Club to participate in international projects, especially in regards to providing clean water.   We will continue to work with Jovin’s Karagwe Rotary Club to try to get this global grant approved and fully funded for the needed $45,000.00 hopefully in the next three months.

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